Creating a brand for yourself whether you are a real estate agent, independent contractor or CEO of a major corporation is one of the most important ways to establish credibility with your clients.

Just as Apple, Amazon and Mercedes are recognized just by their logo, you want your branding to be associated with just you. Remaining consistent can be a challenge as it is easy to want to step out of the box and try and implement new ideas. Check out these 4 guidelines on how to brand yourself as a real estate agent and why it is so important!

1. Establish your target demographic  

As real estate agents, it is hard to target everyone at once. Narrow in on what area your territory is, what type of people live there and what is around the territory. If you are focused in an up and coming area of town focus on targeting young professionals whereas if you are getting a lot of businesses in a more isolated, quiet part of town target the baby boomers and older generations. Establishing this may seem quite easy, but it is imperative to the foundation of your brand.


 2. Slogans and Logos

Now that you have your target demographic it is time to get creative. Brainstorm catchy concise slogans that encompass who you are and what you want to be in the real estate agency. It can be a promise to your customers or a humorous phrase depending on your demographic. When it comes to logos, base it off of your slogan; ensure that they coincide. Logos need to be clean, simple and unique to you. They also need to reflect you and your business so that when a client sees your logo on its own, they immediately associate it with you.


 3. Social Media

` Get active! No, not outside but in the social media world. Create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and Pinterest and post consistently. Do not flood your followers feeds with too many posts and do not be a ghost; there is a happy medium when it comes to posting. Creating content that draws your followers in and keeps them interacting is the most important part of managing your brand social media. Social media is also where your clients go to see the fun and the informative side of your brand. Do not only post all of the homes you are selling, but post content related to real estate that is informative about the moving process, interior design, etc.

4. Stay Consistent

Keep up your brand. Whether it be how you treat your clients, your reputation or what you post on your social media, remaining consistent will give your clients a reason to trust you . Keep your logos consistent on social media and email signatures so that you get the brand recognition you deserve. As long as you stay consistent throughout all your platforms, you are going to build a loyal client base..

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