The housing market is so unpredictable. Going into 2019, the rumors are spreading about when the next housing crisis is going to take place. No matter how many stats and studies are done, we are never going to pinpoint an exact date. It is pretty hard to predict the future. HA! However, there are some every steady trends in place that can help home buyers and sellers determine when the market is right for them to buy or sell. People get caught up in just focusing on when the market is right to buy or sell, but what it really boils down to is whether is is a good time for YOU.

  1. The “have to” Situation

Unfortunately we are unable to control life. Someties jobs and family require us to relocate immediate which creates an immediate need for a new home and an immediate need to sell. However, this usually happens around the holidays. When large companies are doing their end of year reviews and handing out promotions, they usually inform employees of relocation opportunities or maybe that employee gets a better offer from another company across the county. Chances are the “have to” situations happen in the last months of the calendar year. This makes the beginning of 2019, NOW, a good time to buy a home. Buyers can take advantage of this situation and buy in the beginning months of the new year. Because of the “have to” situation, home prices usually drop from the end of the year to the beginning, making home buying prime in the early months of the year.

    2. Inventory

The more homes that are available, the more competitive the pricing is. Buying when the home inventory is at its peak has its advantages. This is usually when you are able to strike the best deal with the sellers. Since every housing price has something to do with comparing similar homes in the area, every home will be priced to sell. With inventory high, hopefully you will not be competing as much when it comes to offers.

    3. The Economy

Optimal home buying boils down to the economy. Overall are we doing well as a country or poor? If unemployment is low and companies are paying their employees well, this is a sign that the time is right to make a home purchase. Also, look around. Are new developments going up in your neck of the woods? Or are there foreclosures on every other block? If new construction is taking place in your neighborhood, start to do some research on buying a home. The time could be right.

    4. YOU

Despite market predictions and economy status, when to buy your first home boils down to you. Is this going to be a smart financial decision to make right now? Did you just get a new raise or land a steady job? Did you just get married and combine finances? Are you no longer in thousands of dollars of credit card debt? Ask yourself these questions and figure out if the time to buy a home is right for you. If it would be smarter to wait a few years to become more financially stable, then wait. There is no hurry when it comes to making the biggest purchase of your life.

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