Looking for the perfect way to say Happy Valentines Day? Whether you are buying for your special someone, having a Galentine’s day, or just trying to show you care, there is something for everyone on our V-Day Gift Guide!


Himalayan Tequila Shot Glasses

Himalayan Tequila Shot Glasses

Quite possibly the classiest shot glasses you have ever seen, they will look great on any countertop and will add some serious flair while taking a shot. Click here to check them out!

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

You two are just the perfect blend! With three different types of tea, and fifteen bags (plenty to share), this is a super cozy way to celebrate your Valentine’s day! You can find them here!

Fuzzy Valentines Socks

I promise you anyone that you know will love these, and they are the key to maximum coziness! While you can find these just about anywhere, Target has the best variety and at only $4 a pair! Click here to check them out

A “Love” Scented Candle

Enjoy the smell of a dozen red roses, without having to worry about them going bad!

You can find it here!

Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker

Show some love while serving your favorite breakfast! Find it here!

Wine Pairing Tea Towels

Whether you’re uncorking your best vintage or that $6 bottle, you won’t admit you bought, select your most fitting taste with these adorable little tea towels. Featuring a guide for red and white wines, newbies and seasoned wine drinkers will love this! Find them here!

Mike’s Hot Honey

For the hot honey in your life ?

While you can find this in almost any grocery store, you can also get it here!

100 Things To Do Scratch-Off Poster

Need a way to spend more time together? This scratch-off poster is the perfect way to start taking more adventures. From going camping to attending the Olympics, you definitely won’t be bored! Click here to order today!

LoveBox Messenger

For your long-distance love, send heartfelt messages anytime, from anywhere in the world. When you send a new message, the chunky little heart spins to alert your hunny bunny that they have a new message. They open the box to read your love note on the mirrored screen inside! Click here to order yours!