The architectural styles in homes are designed to make you transport into another time period.


When starting the home search process it is important to know what types of home get your attention. Some architect styles in homes date far back as the 15th Century! Homes with older architect styles are seen in older town and cities across the country. For examples, you will find many colonial style homes in the northern states (13 original colonies to be exact) in states such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Colonial style homes are a more traditional architectural style home seen in the United States today as well as, Dutch Colonial and Cape Cod designs. Furthermore, these types of homes are not the only ones popular within the states. There is a larger variety and it is growing every year.


1. Modern/Contemporary  

To begin with, contemporary-Modern style runs the gamut from mid-century modern to the latest designs representing current trends towards sleek, contemporary design. The contemporary-modern design is characterized by clean, simple lines, a minimum of decoration, lots of glass, and flat or shed rooflines. Many feature unusual open floor plans and Indoor/outdoor living spaces. A couple of characteristics of a contemporary home is irregular massing, clean line, and little ornamentation as well as oversized windows.


2. A-Frame

Tucked into a lakeside, sheltered by towering trees, or clinging to mountainous terrain, A-frame homes are arguably the ubiquitous style for rustic vacation homes. They come by their moniker naturally; the gable roof extends down the sides of the home, practically to ground level. The A-frame’s look is eye-catching, yet extremely practical: The steep roof pitch helps to shed heavy snows. Oh, so practical, but let’s face it: The A-frame style endures because of its ties to our past, and its unflagging promise to keep us safe and cozy after a long day of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. In addition, some special characteristics of A frame desgin is gable roof extending nearly to ground level as well as gable end frequently features a wall of window floor plans often include a loft.


3. Dutch Colonial 

Gambrel rooflines, reminiscent of classic barns, set Dutch Colonial homes apart. Other characteristics of Dutch Colonial architecture include side entrances, central double Dutch doorways (upper and lower halves can be opened separately), asymmetrical layouts, ground-level porches, double-hung sash windows, and a chimney at one or both ends. However, Shed dormers are built to allow windows and more headroom on the second floor. While original Dutch Colonial homes were built of stone or brick, any exterior material may be used today. Moreover, there are very specific characteristics to these types of homes. Those include; gambrel (barn-style) roof, Dutch doors, double-hung windows with shutters and chimney on one or both ends.

4. European 

European-style homes borrow materials and exterior details that are common to the French, English, and Mediterranean architectural traditions. In addition, The style is very popular today because of the sense of luxury conveyed by multi-peaked rooflines, bay-shaped rooms and windows, and architectural details such as repeating arches, wrought-iron balconies, clay-tile roofs, and decorative stone. Exterior cladding is usually stucco, stone or brick. Key signature styles of European architectural designs include Complex rooflines, irregular massing, and architectural details in the stonework.

5. Georgian

Georgian-style homes, which were originally popular during the reigns of the first three Kings George of England (1700-1776), are similar in massing to Adam and Federal style designs but have a more dominating, formal appearance. They are also symmetrical.They often have a third story or at least the appearance of one. Additional features include a hip or gable roof, dormer windows, and decorative cornices beneath the eaves. All in all, symmetrical shape, Decorative pediment supported by classical columns, as well as paired chimneys.

To conclude, although all of these home styles have many things in common, it’s the rich history behind the designs and creations of these homes that make them special and nostalgic.


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