The world is filled with bright business concepts and promising ideas. Unfortunately on 10% of business startups actually make it big.


1. Essential

First of all, we begin the startup’s list with a product that I believe has potential to revolutionize the cell phone industry. The Essential, a consumer gadget company founded by Andy Rubin that’s designed a new smartphone to compete head to head with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices. This startup calls that gadget, simply, the Essential Phone. Rubin is best known as the guy who created Android, sold it to Google, and nurtured it into the most popular smartphone operating system on the planet.

He left Google back in 2014, founded a startup incubator, and then helped launch Essential under its umbrella. After working on Essential’s phone in under the radar for years, Rubin unveiled it in May. In fact, the device is just the start of the startup’s ambitions. The company also has a smart home hub in the works that is intended to control everything from smart light bulbs to connected toasters. In fact, the device is just the start of the startup’s ambitions. The company also has a smart home hub in the works that is intended to control everything from smart light bulbs to connected toasters.

Funding: $330 million from Redpoint Ventures and others, according to Bloomberg.

Check out their website:


2. Forward Bodyscanner

In addion, think about it this way; imagine going to the doctors without actually going to the doctors. You step into a machine in which in a matter of seconds you are diagnosed with any health issues you might have. We see this concept a lot in movies and TV shows but this is a possible product that can be coming in the near future. Until now, a futuristic medical practice designed by Google and Uber alums that’s been described as a doctor’s office from “Westworld.” Launched in January, this startup offers a futuristic take on the popular concierge medical practice model, complete with state-of-the-art diagnostics tools, an artificial-intelligence system that listens and takes notes for physicians, and a pricey $149 monthly membership.

Funding: Although the funding is unknown. We know it is in no way shape or form, cheap.

To learn more about this product visit their website:

3. Cover

What would you do if you could literally prefabricate your house and simply have it placed on your property? Wouldn’t it be much easier home construction was done that way? Well, now it is possible with startups such as Cover, the future is now the present. Clover is an architecture-meets-tech company that is planning, designing and manufacturing living spaces using machine learning and methods borrowed from the aerospace and automotive industries. Moreover, Cover unveiled its first pre-fab home this spring. Also, the company can make a range of spaces, including backyard studios, in-law units, home offices, and guest rooms, all collectively known as accessory dwelling units. These units, which range in size from 300 to 1,200 square feet, are meant to increase the housing supply in cities where the cost of living is increasingly prohibitive.

Funding: $1.6 million from General Catalyst and Khosla Ventures.


In addition, startups all around the world are looking for the latest and great ways to make it big. Technology is changing every day and it is imperative that those who what to grow, adapt to all the changes. Startups with large potential are often times shut down by big major companies who don’t want any competition. Unfortunately, some startups are so great that nothing can stop them. For example; This startup is said to be the fastest growing company of the 21st century. Also, take for example Netflix vs. Blockbuster. Blockbuster led the movie rental industry for many years. Along comes Netflix with a consumer-ready and power user-friendly software and completely destroys Blockbuster. As a matter of fact, we can now compare and contrast different types of failed business models to see what they each did wrong and what they did right. In all, startups are the foundation of a health business world. They introduce new ideas and help compete with big companies to deliver us (the consumers) the best possible product and services.


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