So you want to move to the sunshine state and you’re not sure how to make that happen, or maybe you have an idea, but want everything outlined for you. No worries! Not only is Florida an amazing place to live, but it is also one of the fastest growing states in the country! Keep reading on and we will break down some of our vital tips that you  need to know before moving to sunny Florida.


So first, a couple general information things about Florida before you move here: it is an affordable living destination. Florida doesn’t have state taxes, due to the fact that we are the #1 tourist destination and the money coming in from hospitality and theme parks is enough to foot the bill (thanks Disney!) On the scale for affordability, we score a 97.9, which means it rates lower than the national average for cost of living!


Florida also has a solid school system, the unemployment rate is currently under the national average, and it is a great place for both retirement, and for the young professional. In fact, Florida has the highest population for retired individuals, and lively cities like Miami have grown in their millennial population. When looking for a job here, don’t put your out of state address and in the interview, ask if they offer relocation assistance. When inquiring about this, make it very clear that you are very sure about moving there. Jobs like to know that you aren’t on the fence about moving locally.


The weather is one reason that everyone flocks to Florida. It is generally hot year round all over Florida, and “beach weather” is an everyday thing! We generally get pretty rainy in the spring months, but most of the time, Florida rain lasts for 5-30 minutes and then clears up again! Keep in mind that it also gets very humid, and the warm weather brings a lot of wild animals such as alligators, crocodiles, mosquitoes and more (in other words, make sure to get some bug spray repellant and be careful in open warm waters.)  If you’re relocating from a cold state, invest in clothing suitable for the weather. Also develop a plan for dealing with Florida hurricanes.


Before you move, you have to find a home, so you have to find a real estate agent (we have some pretty amazing ones here at Premium Properties that specialize in relocation!) Finding a home in the current market may take you a few months, but with a real estate expert on your side, it will make the relocation so much easier! We also highly recommend getting a home over renting an apartment here, because with the massive growth that the state is experiencing, rent is going up every year. 


Do your research on the different cities in Florida and make a top 5 list of where you would want to reside (or maybe just focus on 1) that way, you can find the right agent in a particular area. It may help to narrow it down to things you know you’ll enjoy in Florida and see what areas offer that, or go based on job offers that you receive.  

Just like with any move, make sure to change addresses on everything, invest in a good moving company, and get ready to make the move. Ask your agent for recommendations for all the above. Make sure to budget for your travel expenses and make a relocation checklist about all the tips above!


Now you’re all set to make your home in the sunshine state! Florida has so much to offer and there is a reason that so many people are relocating here! From the amazing weather to the low cost of living to being in Disney’s backyard, what more could you ask for?!