Selling a home is no easy task, and sometimes getting the right buyer at the right time isn’t immediate. The best way to aid that and get your property sold is advertising. When you hire a real estate agent to get this done for you, they should have a plan in place for advertising your home. Keep reading on to understand what their plan should entail.


Having a plan and budget in place is essential to success. Your real estate agent should know how they are going to go about advertising your listing, and how much they plan on spending. Most real estate agents will advertise digitally, such as on social media and non-digitally, such as a flyer. A general rule of thumb is that they spend 10% of their commission on marketing, but this is not always the case. The marketing budget is a set amount that they plan to spend for whatever they need to do to advertise. This will stem from the goals that they set, such as selling the home in 30 days. The plan is the action they will take to make sure that the goal is met. This will entail smaller steps and smaller goals to get to the big goal to make the task seem less overwhelming and increase chances of success, so make sure to ask your realtor to inform you of all of these details to better understand how they will help you sell your home.


One very popular way that agents can market your property is through Facebook ads. Now, getting traction from one of these ads can take a lot of skill, so the real estate agent either will be versed in it themselves, or will enlist some help (in our case, we have a full marketing team that assists our agents with running ads, and we help them one-on-one.) Facebook is the #1 social media platform right now, and they have useful data on their users to help businesses target people. In this case, they have the data to find the people that want to buy a home at the exact moment that they are looking to buy a home. Your real estate agent will run an ad for a certain amount of time with a certain budget allotted, and reach out to all of the leads that the ad produces.


Networking is a powerful thing and it is something that real estate agents are encouraged heavily to do, so they often know the right people and have a database of people that may be looking for a home, or know people who know people that may be looking for a home. They can also put up yard signs all over the neighborhood/local area to get more eyes on the property, or post in their real estate groups to instantly gain access to hundreds, maybe even thousands of people. When it comes to networking and word of mouth advertising, the possibilities are endless.


Different platforms are used for different purposes, so a real estate agent that knows how to tailor their message on each platform is vital to success. On Facebook they may run an ad and post all the best pretty pictures. On Youtube, they would put up a listing video, on Pinterest they may just post the master bedroom with less words and put more emphasis on clicking on the link. The more platforms that are utilized, the more chances of finding more leads that are ready to put offers on your home.


People are visual, and seeing a home that is pleasing to the eye greatly increases the chances of people getting emotionally connected to the home. It is very important that your real estate agent uses photography and/or videography in their marketing plan. People go to the internet first to shop for their home, about 92%. Homes that have pictures and videos sell exponentially faster than those that don’t. People want to know what the master bedroom looks like, how big the kitchen looks, etc, and if it is pleasing to them, they are more likely to reach out to get more information. Videos of your property will also make a huge difference in how fast it sells. When people see a nice listing video, they are able to visually put themselves in that room and picture it in their heads, which helps even more to build that emotional connection and push them to want to learn more and set up a time to see it in person.

Advertising is a big part of selling and buying homes, so knowing how your real estate agent plans to go about it will be really telling of how they can help you sell your home. Asking the right questions will get you the answers you need for knowing which agent is the right match for you.