Smart homes are on the rise this year.

Whether it be the convenience of cool new gadgets or not trying to break the bank, more and more homeowners are making their homes “tech” homes. With the help of Amazon’s technology and various apps, we can control pretty much all aspects of our home from our smartphones. If you are a techie or simply do not know where to begin when it comes to creating your own personal smart home, here is a basic list to spark some ideas.

Solar Panels 

Solar Panels are very common and I can guarantee they are installed on every smart home. However, a lot of people are not exactly sure what solar panels do. Their main job is to generate energy and electricity from the sun. The process is as so: solar panels turn sunlight into direct current and inverter that converts direct current into alternating current which then powers your home. The more solar panels, the more energy, and the more money saved. These are a staple when it comes to smart homes.


Smart Lock 

When it comes to security, the most basic thing people can do is ensure their doors are locked. However, this is the easiest thing to forget and it starts to become unsafe if you leave a key under your doormat. A smart lock allows you to control your doors on your smartphone. Whether it be locking or unlocking or monitoring who is coming in and out of your home, a smart lock will give you that sense of security you need. With a quick and easy installation process and a price that will not break the bank, a smart lock is a perfect first step to making your home a smart home.

Security Camera 

Having that extra sense of security when it comes to your home is always comforting. Installing security cameras may seem unnecessary, however, it is the convenience factor that is the selling point. Having a Smart Doorbell allows you to see and speak to whoever is at your door from your smartphone. So, while you are away you are still able to monitor your packages being delivered. Security cameras will also allow you to see what that noise is outside your window just by looking on your smartphone, rather than going outside. If you travel often and are away from home quite a bit, installing security cameras is the perfect addition to your smart home.

Water Saving 

Water Leak and Mold Sensor

Did you know, water leaks inside a home happen more often than you think and usually are not detected until the damage has been done? If you have a water leak it can lead to a myriad of problems from toxic mold and health problems to thousands of dollars in repairs. With a water leak and mold sensor, you can be at ease knowing that your leak will be detected the second it begins. Furthermore, if you install a smart water sensor your water valve will automatically turn off to prevent further damage. This prevention device is affordable even for those on a budget, so if you want to detect a leak the moment it happens to prevent further damages, this needs to be added to your smart home.

Smart Watering System  

This sprinkler system is for all the techies. Instead of having your sprinklers on a timer, this system feeds off of databases, sensors, and weather forecasts to ensure you get the exact amount of water needed at the right time. No more over-watering and no more dead grass, this device is truly a win-win. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be able to check on your landscape from the convenience of your smartphone. This is a must-have for a smart home.

Energy Saving 

Curb Energy Monitoring Device 

Tired of racking your own brain on how to save money and reduce energy usage and consumption in your own home? Well, you are in luck because Curb Energy works just like a brain by processing electricity data and trends in your home. It helps you make the smartest decision on how to cut back on energy usage in your home. With interactive graphs and data, this technology will help you pinpoint what behavior triggers more energy usage. Not only does it show you where your energy usage is coming from but it helps you manage your budget, estimate your bill and reminds you if you leave the iron plugged in or the oven on. This device does it all and helps make your smart home a reality.

Smart Bulb

Light bulbs continue to get smarter as the years pass. Controlling the lighting in your home with just a few taps on your smartphone not only helps you save energy but money too. With a variety of different prices, colors, and luminance there is a smart bulb out there tailored to your needs. This is a basic device that will help pave the way for your smart home.


The Best Apps for Moving to your New Home

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