Thanksgiving Preparations – How to minimize stress

This holiday season, we approach times we share surround by those we cherish and love. What does it mean to be thankful? We are always filled with warmth when our loved ones are near, but do we cherish them more than once a year? Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate family and friends, and of course the love of food as well! How do you prepare this holiday season? 

When planning our large events, there is a few things you can do to make sure your holiday goes over smoothly. Planning out the amount of people who will be joining you at your Thanksgiving dinner helps a ton with the amount of food/meat you’d be needing to feed everyone. Making a guest list may seem old school- but it will help immensely! 

PotLuck Style!

At Thanksgiving events you can always make it all- but what’s the fun in spending all that money? Having a potluck style gathering is great because you can then have a check list that others can dish out and showcase their culinary style. This is also fun to partake in because you can find out who makes the best casserole, and desserts!


The night before it’s a great idea to pre cut- pre season- and pre make things you might find taking up too much time day of. Prepping veggies by cutting them and placing them in a covered bowl can help your cooking agenda move faster, and more productive. Pie crust as well can be set overnight, and meats can be soaked in juices to enhance finer flavor and more touches of love.

Clean before your company arrives.

In all honesty, ensuring enough seating is available for people to relax is vital to a comfortable dining experience. I find cleaning a week before your company arrives helps! Working in a clean environment also promotes organization and productivity within your cooking hours for Thanksgiving. 

These tips may seem small, but they have a big impact on how we feel around the holidays. It can be slightly stressful to juggle, but with these tips secured you can ensure your ability to relax a little more- and cherish what really matters this holiday season. Being thankful or our friends and family.