Growing in Florida!

While growing up in Florida, I have always noticed the rain, the heat, and the excessive amount of bugs we sometimes encounter. Along those years, the green thumb in me as pondered about how well a garden may do in this heat lamp we call home. Thankfully, there is actually a great amount of plants and vegetables that can thrive in your backyard!

Getting Started

October in Florida is a special time of the year that is not too hot, but still quite humid and actually the best time to start your garden. October is the best growing season in Florida! Although many factors still play a part within growing such as soil, shade and air quality, there is still no better time to try your hand at a backyard farmers market all your own. Taking note of what things you can grow based on your free time as well can help your garden thrive, instead of err… pass on. 

Many vegetables you can start as seeds indoors, creating an easy way to get the excitement moving on your garden. After sprouting you can then plant your future foods into the soil. The best to start indoors is Peppers, Tomatoes, Broccoli, and Cabbage. Even after moving to the yard, take note that heat will become a factor if you don’t have a shaded area for your plants. 

Enrich your growth!

Other factors such as pest as well won’t be a big issue due to the fact they often evacuate after one cold front, and dryer air. Tossing your fruit peels & coffee grounds can also enrich your soil after composting, and adding in earthworms as well can give your plants an extra push by enriching nutrients to the soil, then directly to the roots of your plants! 


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