Living “Green” is becoming a trend.


Over the last decade, a major of the world as a has realized that we have serious environmental issues that we need to begin taking responsibility for. The amount of carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere every day is around 31 billion tons. Also, an astonishing 90% of scientist believe that global warming is caused by humans. ( These environmental causes have made some companies take matters into their own hands. One of those companies is Tesla.

The Game Changer

Tesla, Inc. (founded in 2003)is an American automaker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California. The company specializes in electric cars, lithium-ion battery energy storage, and through their SolarCity subsidiary, residential photovoltaic panels. CEO, Elon Musk, said that he envisions Tesla as a technology company and independent automaker, aimed at eventually offering electric cars at prices affordable to the average consumer. Tesla currently is focusing very heavily on the automaking but it also has had other special projects. One of these special projects includes residential solar powered eco-friendly homes. On August 1, 2016, Tesla agreed to acquire SolarCity Corp. for $2.6 billion in stock. SolarCity, the largest installer of rooftop solar systems in the United States. More than 85% of unaffiliated Tesla and SolarCity shareholders voted to approve the acquisition, which closed on November 21, 2016.

Solar Living

With two industry-leading giants, the world of eco-friendly living seems promising. In the last year, Tesla has rolled out many solar powered products one of those being the state of the art Solar Roof Tiles. This one of a kind Solar Roof tile complements your home’s architecture while turning sunlight into electricity. With an integrated Powerwall battery, energy collected during the day is stored and made available anytime, effectively turning your home into a personal utility. Tesla believes so strongly in their products that they offer a lifetime warranty on them. Thier website claims, “Glass solar tiles are so durable they are warrantied for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first.”

The Future of Solar Powered Eco-Friendly Homes

It is estimated that by 2018, the green, single-family housing market will represent about 40% of the market. In addition, 84%of all residential construction will have sustainable features. The 2015 Green Building Economic Impact Study, released by USGBC, found that the residential green construction market is expected to grow from $55 million in 2015 to $100.4 million in 2018, representing a year-over-year growth of 24.5%. Many new home construction companies such as Taylar Morrison, D.R Horton, KB Homes and Pulte Homes, just to name a few, are adapting to this change. The future of solar powered eco-friendly homes is bright and can only get brighter!


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