Finally, the weekend is here! You’re halfway through your Friday and the sound of Thunder and lighting flood the quiet office building. You feel yourself fall a little short of sadness, knowing your weekend may not hold sunshine. You pack your things and run to your car, and try to code the raindrops along the way. Arriving home after a cluster of people not knowing how to drive, you plop on the couch and head the drizzles continue. After a while you think about dinner.. Ah that’s it! A ray of sunshine shines in your home with a lightbulb above your head for a split second. 

In rainy Florida, it’s quite common to see rain almost everyday during the Summer months. This may put a stop on your plans, but have no fear! Rainy days can be turned into productivity and spending quality time with those we love (both furry and human!)

Meal Making: 

A fun challenge you can try to overcome while rained in, is the ability to cook with whatever ingredients you have at home! This may be a challenge to some, but 9/10 you can find something to throw together. Rice, veggies, frozen things that need to be used. Making a meal can be fun and entertaining to help the time go by, and even better with friends!


Something not many people I feel take advantage of is board games, card games, and any sort of game! This is a fun way to pass time and to also make memories with friends or a significant other. Sharing a glass of wine or snacks for the game also enhance the experience! 

Pet Time: 

If you have pets, maybe teach them a trick! Learning new things is still possible past being a kitten or puppy! It’s a great thing to pass time and also show off to friends. Spending quality time with animals is important because they do have emotions and want to be included! 

This is just a short list of ideas to play into your rainy day. Florida is half of a monsoon in Summer and taking the time turn a sleepy time, productive, can make all the difference! Check out more ideas here: