Found a home that you like? Want to make sure that it really is the home for you? The best way to get the right answers, is to ask the right questions. Below we have provided questions that you should ask prior to signing those papers.


Knowing the condition of the home is very important, and a lot of the nitty gritty won’t be readily visible. Of course, an inspection will uncover all of the imperfections, but there are some pre-inspection details you can find out that may sway your opinion. Often times, you would ask your realtor these questions, but a good idea is to request to speak to the owner directly.

1. Are there any water-related problems?

2. Have you done any major renovations to the home and if so, when were they done?

3. How old are major replacable items in the home and have any appliances been upgraded/replaced? (roof, windows, HVAC, water heater, etc.)

4. Anything negative in the home’s history that I should know about?

5. Is there documentation available on work that has been done to the home?

6. Is the home energy efficient?

7. Why is the owner selling this home?

8. When was the home built?


Knowing how the home stacks up in value and the other details of how the sale of the home will go is also important to know. Below are the questions we recommend you get answers to.

1. How much is the property worth in today’s market?

2. If things are found in inspection, is the seller willing to pay for repairs?

3. Is the seller willing to assist with closing costs?

4. How many owners has the home had?

5. What is NOT included in the sale of the home?

6. How does it compare to similar homes in the neighborhood?

7. How long has it been on the market?

8. Any disclosures?


It is important to know what extra costs come with the home. Here are some questions you can ask to get to the bottom of it.

1. How much are the property taxes?

2. How much does the seller still owe on the home?

3. What are the utility costs?

4. What are all the total costs to close on this home?

There are so many questions to be asked when inquiring about a potential dream home. At the end of the day, your real estate agent will do their best to get you all the information that you need. Before asking, decide in your head what is a deal breaker and what isn’t. Knowing what you ultimately want is what is going to be the driving factor of making your home search process go a little smoother.