Florida is one of the top states in the country that people migrate to. From the theme parks, to the lack of state income tax to the amazing yearround sunshine, it is no mystery why so many people re-locate to this state! What if we told you that there are other little known benefits to moving to Florida that you may not be aware of? Keep on reading for more info!


This is a great benefit for moving to Florida because this serves as a tax incentive for residents by protecting homeowners from high property taxes. How it works is, Florida residents can file for an exemption worth up to $50,000 to reduce how much they owe to property owners. There are rules to qualify for this incentive, one of them being that it has to be your primary residence and you had to have owned that home by January 1st of the tax year you are filing for. If this is something you are interested in, look into it further to see all of the qualifications!


We get it. Florida will forever be known for parks like Disney, Universal, Seaworld and more. Florida continues to be the #1 tourist destination in the country because of all of the theme parks, amaing hospitality, etc. But this state has sooo much more to offer! From springs, botanical gardens, drive-thru movies and safaris, beaches, adventure parks, nature trails, dinner shows and so much more, there is tons to do in Florida that people dont know about! So once you make the transition to Florida, start exploring all there is to discover here in the sunshine state.


You probably are aware that Florida is pretty affordable when compared to the rest of the country. It is one of the reasons that so many people come here to retire. Our bustling tourism allots us the opportunity to not have state income tax, which really contributes to the reason Florida is affordable. Now, if we are talking about rent, Florida is the least affordable (in other words, conider buying over renting when you relocate), but when considering general affordability, Florida is less than 1% above the national average! Now, keep in mind that just like many states, the rate of affordability will range based on where in Florida you decide to relocate to (cost of living will differ in Cape Coral v.s. Miami), but research cost of living in the towns you are considering before making that move!
Florida is an amazing state to relocate to and has so much to offer. Not to mention it is a melting pot of culture and diversity! Here at Premium Properties, we have tons of agents that are not only experienced in the business, but love Florida too and can help you get accomodated! Give us a call today to get into your Florida dream home!