Refreshing your home

When organizing your home, it truly helps you get peace of mind and also accomplish a clean environment. Doing this can be a great way to calm down, kill time, and downsize from things you may not use anymore in your living space. Drawers over time can gather countless items and unusable pens that can be cleared from your desks. Dusting, selling old things you never use, and placing things together that may be used together can also cut time from teaching through locations in your rooms (and destroying it in the meantime!)

Desks and Drawers

Starting within a room that may have drawers or hideaway places is to clear our those bins so all the objects are right in front of you. Then, going through them one by one ask if you truly need or use those items. You can then toss the unusable, broken, trash, and things that take up space away. The reminding usable items you can section together, in ways that may take up the less amount of space. Having pens lines up together, round objects in a row on ther side, and not holding onto things you won’t use is a huge step to clearing up some space. 

Clothing and Coats

With our dressers and closets, I know it is pretty tough to remain all in order. With our clothes in drawers, we may try to fold them in squares. This makes anything that’s not on top be hard to see. By rolling your clothes and then placing it in rows, you can really see all the tops or bottoms you have without throwing your piles into more of a tornado of clothing! By hanging up your long dresses or coats, you can also save space within those drawers. By getting metal hook hangers you can pile your coats on one another to easily move through your options, as well as having your dresses wrinklefree (or dress shirts!).

Food for Thought

A big task when trying to organize is your kitchen and fridge. When cleaning our your fridge take notice of all expiration dates to ensure your produce stays fresh and prevent mold spreading to other objects in your fridge. Checking all of your expiration dates can tossing out old jars or close to empty ones also will free your space. Freezers will also stack old goods that also can be just fully frostbitten by now. Clear space if you think it will not be used or post date of freshness! 

Start Today!

Although these tips may seem common, it really is the small things that can make a huge impact on how you live day-to-day. A fresh environment enhances your way of life, and levels of productivity. Selling your unwanted items can also grow your wallet, too! Try to apply these tips to your day to day life and watch your positivity grow!