Getting a new home can be expensive, as well as the cost to actually move into the home. From getting the tools to package your things, to renting a moving truck, and so much more, moving can be draining, not just emotionally but financially. Below we have provided tips and tricks to help you save money when going through the process of relocating to your dream home!



Maybe the perfect time to move for you will be in the summer, but keep in mind that during the summer months, moving companies that provide the moving trucks keep their prices higher because it is their busy season. The slower months would fall between October to April and because demand decreases during these months, so does the price! So consider planning your move during the spring, fall or winter to save some major bucks on your moving truck!


Have alot of unnecessary junk? Why not get rid of it? The more belongings you own, the more boxes you have to get, the more moving tape you have to use, and the bigger the moving truck you have to invest in. That old sweater you’ve had since high school and that dress from your 8th grade dance need to go, and not only will getting rid of the unnecessary things save you money, but it will also save you time when it comes to packing, loading and unloading into your new home. 


So host a garage sale, donate to a local thrift store, pass it down to friends and family, and start fresh in your new home. If you decide to host a garage sale, organize your things based on the last time you wore or used the item. Get some signs to put up around the neighborhood, make a flyer, and make it happen! Then whatever proceeds you make can go towards your moving fund!



Instead of going and buying boxes and packing tape from a moving company, plan ahead. So, lets say you have a 3 month moving window, or maybe 6 months, or a year. Subscribe to emails for supply stores that sell things like packing tape and wait for them to announce a sale. Usually this happens at the end of a season, or during a holiday, and bulk up so that when it is time to move, you already have the necessary supplies and you got it for half the price. Another tip, do not pay for boxes. Boxes are everywhere. Do you work in an office or know someone that does? Ask to take any miscellaneous boxes that they aren’t using, or go onto a site to get them such as Craigslist, offerUp and Letgo, and you will be surprised how much money this saves you.


Instead of hiring a moving company to assist you in moving your stuff into the moving truck, just rent out a moving truck and enlist the help of your friends and family to get the job done! Friends and family are happy that you are taking that step in life to move into a new home, and would love to be apart of the process, so don’t be afraid to ask for their help!


Ran out of boxes for the last items or want some of your valuables to stay secure and separated? Use a suitcase! Not only will it save you needing to possible buy  another box to pack, but you can pack any necessities that you will need immediately when you get to your new home and save you the time of having to search for it! 


Although exhausting, moving is an exciting time, and it doesn’t have to break the bank! So get out there and start planning ahead, so that you can save as much money as possible!