The current real estate market is booming, and you want to take advantage of it and sell your home. Although homes are already selling like hot cakes on the market, what if you knew ways to get even more out of it? Below we have listed our top 5 tips of how to get the most out of any market and maximize the value of selling your home!


The way you would price a home differs based on the appraisal value and the type of market that you are in. Currently, we are in a seller’s market, meaning there are more buyers than sellers, so it is not uncommon for homes to close above listing price. Knowing this, discuss it with your realtor if you want to price your home above market value. This may be a strategy that you want to take to maximize your profit. Another way to look at it is keep your home at a fair price and waiting for bids to come in over listing price, especially if there are homes nearby/in the neighborhood that are already priced over market value. This will help your home stand out and get more offers in the door!


So we know, getting multiple offers on your home is exciting. Before you jump ship and accept the second or third offer that comes in for your home, evaluate each offer. Is one of them a cash offer? Is one willing to waive the inspection period? Is another coming in 10,000 over listing price? Discuss with your realtor what option would be best for you. Now, we aren’t saying allow 100 offers to come in and you are still indecisive which one you want to go with. Try to also make a decision in a good time frame, because at the end of the day, time is money and you wouldn’t want your best offer to pull back because they found something else.


Do you already have a new home for yourself waiting? When selling your home, you want to know your next move. The last thing you want to happen is that you sell your home and then struggle to get the next one. If your closing day isnt for another month after your home sells, have preparations of where you will stay in the meantime, and try to make it as cost effective as possible.


Having great marketing is essential to selling a home. From high quality photos to video, to having a virtual tour and so much more, this is one of the driving factors to selling your home for more and getting more offers in the door. Ask your real estate agent how they plan on marketing your home and what resources they have available to do so.


One of the biggest steps you need to take to maximize the value out of your home sale is hiring the right agent for the job. Here at Premium Properties, we have so many exceptional agents that work all over Florida and can get your property sold with the highest return possible. One great thing that you need in a real estate agent is one that is versed in negotiation, and also one that can help you list that home at the right price. They will bring so much value to the deal so don’t be afraid to interview different agents and find the right one for you!