So you want to build your own home. Having a home that was built and taylored to you is something that anyone would love! And putting the right elements into it is just as important as finding the right builder to get the job done. Keep on reading and we will inform you on how to shop around for them and find the righ one for you!


The first step is to get a real estate agent. Why? Because they are like your yellow pages to all of the amazing home builders out there, especially if they are an agent that specializes in assisting people with custom homes. Their advice is pertinent to you finding a reliable builder that can make your dreams a reality. In addition to them, ask your friends and family if any of them have a custom built home. Getting reviews and referrals from people that you trust will put some credibility to your decision. We have so many amazing agents here at Premium Properties that are experts in this category and can assist you with all of your real estate needs! Just contact us via the number or website at the bottom of the page!


Before we continue to give you tips to finding the right one, we want to inform you on what exactly makes a good home builder, and who you want to steer clear of. Any builders that require a large upfront deposit, can’t give you references, or does not have a contract for you to sign, is a red flag. You also want to avoid those that give you a price that is too good to be true because in most cases, it probably is! 

You want to invest in a builder that can provide references and previous work, that will communicate with you, work within your budget and will have a formal contract for you to sign. Some things you want to ask the builder is: what does their typical process look like? How do they handle changes in the building process? Are they licensed and insured? How much customizing can be done with floor plan, the finishes, etc. Take note of how they articulate their answers to these questions, and get a feel for if you mesh well enough with them to work with them.


Yes, you want a builder that communicates well throughout the process, but you also need to disclose all of your wants and needs for the home so that they can deliver satisfactory work.

You also want to disclose everything because something you want may be an additional charge and if you want to stay within budget, there needs to be full transparency with any extra charges. This gives you and the builder the opportunity to come to a consensus on what you may want to change, or keep to make the home everything you picture it to be, and you never know, maybe the builder will extend a hand and discount that extra feature you want that would normally be an additional charge!


After meeting with potential builders, look them up. Make sure they have all the proper licenses, look at pictures of homes they’ve built in the past if they didn’t provide it, and get a full scope of what they’ve done in their career to see if it aligns with your vision. This will give you peace of mind when making your final decision. Also research the process of building a home, the fine print of what the builder’s responsibilities are, and examples of things you would want in the home so that the builders have a visual of what you want. 

Building a custom home is an exciting project and will fulfill you to know that the home was built and taylored to you! Choosing the right person for the job is extremely important because they will bring your vision to life! So get out there, start researching, meeting builders and get that dream home built!