Technology has made amazing advancements in the last 30 years. Nowadays, it has become a big part of our everyday lives. An industry that it has greatly impacted is real estate. People no longer turn to the newspaper to search for homes, but rather the internet. Below we have outlined exactly how technology has changed real estate as we know it.


Did you know that 9 out of 10 homebuyers rely on the internet as one of their main research tools for finding homes? Well it’s true! 93% of people start with hopping on their laptop, tablet, phone, or desktop to start the journey to their next home. Knowing this, it is important to meet them there. Have a digital platform for your business. Adapting to the times is important to not only excel your business, but to make sure your business stays afloat over the long run.


Real Estate Marketing is the backbone of selling your homes online because it is the driving force to your clients coming to see the home in person. From having high quality photos and videos, to 360 cameras and Matterports, to drone footage and virtual staging, not only do these tools sell homes faster, but they make the buyer fall in love with the home before they even step foot in it. Not to mention with one post on your social media pages, you can reach thousands of people with the click of a button, and if you still want more exposure for your listing, there are facebook ads you can run, emails you can send out to your CRM, and so much more! 

The possibilities are endless with digital marketing. Not to mention that the technology we have can help to easily create print marketing material and allow us to print out hundreds to hand out in neighborhoods. Real estate marketing has brought us into a whole new world of selling homes, and you would be doing your business a disservice if you didnt take advantage of it. Here at Premium Properties, we pride ourselves in staying up to date with technology and having a full-service marketing team to assist you with all of the options mentioned above, so if your brokerage doesn’t provide the technology you need and you want more success for your business, give us a call!


Imagine a home with all the up to date technology, programmed for optimal efficiency of all your appliances, and so much more. Good news, we’re already there. With the boom of devices like the Ring doorbell, the google home, amazon nest, and apple home starting to partner with companies to integrate all of your home appliances with smart capabilities, to robots growing in popularity and becoming more affordable, smart homes are the now and the future. The advancement of technology has made this possible, and with the millennial generation now the bulk of homebuyers, it is something that draws them in. 


Technology has improved how real estate agents and their buyers or sellers communicate. For one, smartphones. Being able to send a quick message, or a voice note straight from your phone is very convenient. Also, lets not forget the power of email. This is a very useful tool of communication that has advanced over the years and allows for seamless updates and a way to send paperwork and sensitive documentation. 


Applications on your smartphones and tablets is another way that has really changed how we buy homes. From home search apps to help your search go deeper beyond google, to finding homes to rent, even apps that keep you up to date on the the real esate market so that you can make the best decision on buying or selling your home, there is an app for everything.

Technology has been advancing immensely since the early 2000’s, and has changed every aspect of everyday living and big purchase decisions. Utilizing it will make the homebuying process so much easier.