So you’re shopping around for a home. The home search process can be long and strenuous. The last thing you want to do is disqualify a potential dream home just because of something that can easily be fixed. Below we have highlighted common fixable home flaws that you should overlook.


So the previous owner had very eclectic taste. Don’t let this steer you away because this is one of the cheapest and easiest flaws to fix. Hire a professional painter or do it yourself. You’ll be surprised what a difference a great paint job can make, and outdated wallpaper can always be removed. It may be some work to remove it, but enlist some help if you need it. Cabinet refacing doesn’t have to be costly. Getting this done, much like paint, will make a huge difference to the space.


So you broke a sweat the second you stepped into the home, and it does nothing but set a bad first impression, but don’t let this cloud your judgement. I mean sure, you want a finished product, but if everything else in the home is everything that you’re looking for, maybe it is time to try and negotiate with the seller to get it fixed before move-in day. Realistically, air conditioners act up sometimes, so don’t see this as a deal breaker.


From first glance, this can look like mold. Mold can cause serious problems later on, but grout is easy to fix. You always want to get a home inspection done regardless, but when you are unsure about something like this, a home inspector is vital for helping you determine if it is grout and luckily, it can be cleaned and scrubbed away.


So the outside looks bad, the plants are dead, and the walkway isn’t too appealing. Much like broken A/C, this can set a bad first impression in the first 5 seconds of arriving at the showing. This in the end, this can cost a pretty penny, or it could be a (relatively) inexpensive DIY project, but if everything in the home is what you’re looking for, don’t allow landscaping to be the only reason you say no. Your real estate agent may even be able to refer someone to you to hash out some ideas or maybe even do it for a discounted rate.

Home searching becomes easier when you learn to overlook things that can be fixed and personalized. Assuming everything else meets your needs, you don’t want to regret not getting a home after the fact, so get out there and find your dream home!