Living in Florida has so many factors that could be generating lots of power, and higher electricity bills. The use of chemicals and harmful materials in our homes such as cleaning productsand more can cause illness!  Going green can be small factors that really enhance your quality of life and saving big bucks along the way. 

Home Tips

Some free methods to keep your pockets fuller this summer is turning your AC up by a few degrees to ensure it’s not over working! Turning your AC on and off actually generates more power, therefore bringing your bill higher. Just setting your home to 76 can make a huge difference in your AC bill! Installing Fluorescent lightbulbs as well ensure cleaner light and longer lifespan, so you don’t have to buy more bulbs. Another small tip some may know is unplugging appliances to ensure not extra energy is being used while the product is not actually within use.

Simple saving hacks can also protect you from house fires such as things being left on or lightbulbs exploding if you invest in quality of your household goods.

Help Tips

For your own health, you can as well build your riches! Using less gas can of course lead to less air pollution but better body image and money. Riding a bike, taking public transit, or walking to nearby places can also enhance your ability to be more productive, as you treat yourself to fresh air and the beauty of saving money! Using a car is a great way to get to far distances, but thankfully with so many options for public transportation such as trains, to Lime bikes and scooters, it’s so easy to get around for just a handful of change! This feature also can help with city living, if you struggle to find parking in the middle of the hustle and bustle, you can park on outskirts and catch a lime bike to your destination instead of 10$ parking! 

Water Saving

Another thing I see more often is the use of reusable bottles! If you work within an office or facility where packs upon packs of water are bought, it is so helpful to save money on buying waters at gas stations or simply not drinking countless plastic bottles of water at work by buying a metal jug to withhold water all day! This also is a great thing to be a part of to reduce plastic in landfills as well. When going to a restaurant or food truck, you can save by bringing your own drink within your container! This means instant hydration, and saving dollars that truly add up in a day to day basis. 

The list truly goes on when it comes to saving in day to day life.. buying in bulk, washing things if they only need it, buying resale, and eating out less.. these all make an impact in one way or another. Within saving money, cutting back on wasteful use, or getting in a healthier state of mind- we can really contribute small things a day to make a big impact in our lives. Find out what you can contribute today on this article that has even more tips and tricks :