What’s a Vision Board?

As 2020 takes off, so has the popularity of vision boards amongst people that are eager to see a positive change in their lives following the New Year. Vision boards are often used to put a person’s goals or dreams into a physical form in order to motivate them to achieve those goals and dreams. The logic behind it is that surrounding yourself with things you want to accomplish, who you want to become, and dreams you want to achieve all allow your life to actually change in those ways through the power of visualization. With that idea in mind, why not take the time to make a vision board for your dream home in 2020? Besides, projects like this are a great stress reliever and are a really fun activity to do with friends! Grab some supplies and lets get crafting!

The Supplies

The great thing about creating vision boards is how simple and cheap it is! Most of the supplies you’ll need are more than likely items you already have laying around the house. Here are the items we recommend:

  1. A poster-board (if you want to be fancy, you can use a cork board too)
  2. Magazines (any type will do, but home magazines are the best!)
  3. Scissors
  4. A Glue-stick
  5. Printed out images from online (optional)
  6. Markers

How to Make a Vision Board

Now that you have all of the supplies, it’s time for the fun part. Use your creativity to sort through magazines and cut out anything that peaks your interest or things you would potentially want to see in your dream home. This can be both literal and up for interpretation. For example, a more literal example would be nice furniture and interior design, while a more interpretive option could be patterns, color schemes, textures, or anything that gives off the vibe you are wanting in your home. You can also look up some images online and print them out to add to your vision board as well. Once this step is done, lay out all of your cutouts on your poster-board (without gluing) and place them in a way that makes sense to you. Once you have found a layout you like, glue all of the pieces down. Use the markers to label anything you feel necessary and then boom, you’re done! Hang your new vision board in a place you can see it every day and let the power of visualization motivate you!