From our major theme parks, to the unique attractions and shopping malls, Orlando is the perfect tourist destination. Although most people come here for Universal and Disney, there are also tons of other local things to do in the city. Below we have highlighted a couple new spots that have recently found their home in the city beautiful.


The AC Hotel by Marriott is the first ‘lifestyle hotel’ in the Orlando area. Located in the heart of Downtown Orlando, this hotel has a contemporary design, complete with pleasing aesthetics, ambient lighting, and sleek finishes. It also offers a high rise experience and caters to both the traveler looking for something modern, and the business professional traveling for work. From the interior design, to the conference rooms and upscale atmosphere, it is sure to bring in a lot of traffic to this area. 

This hotel also features the AC Sky Bar. This bar is at the top of the hotel, offering one of the only rooftop spaces in the Orlando area. They offer a european-style menu, spanish inspired tapas, and so much more! Not to mention, they have a killer 360 city view that’s perfect to capture at sunset.


Frontyard festival is a live entertainment space hosted by AdventHealth at the DR.Phillips Center in Downtown Orlando, across the street from the AC Hotel. Although it is an open field, they have installed boxes that are 6 feet apart for safety measures so that guests can enjoy without having to worry about not obeying health guidelines.

The type of things that they host here are live concerts, comedy shows, movies, yoga classes and more! It is currently a temporary festival for only 6 months to help the entertainment industry bring in revenue during these harsh COVID times, but we have a feeling that it might be here to stay. Head over to to see the line-up and reserve your tickets today! 


Yet another addition to downtown Orlando is the new Taco Bell cantina. It is an innovative twist of your generic taco bells because not only does it have your usual tacos and burritos, but it also has liquor! From wines to beer, vodka, rum, tequila and more, they boost late night eating in a more upscale atmosphere. 

They already have a location in the UCF area, and the downtown one is their second installment in the city. Another thing that separates the cantina from your regular taco bell is that it does not have a drive-thru. It is located on Orange avenue, so go check it out now!


Another new restaurant and lounge space in the downtown Orlando area that used to be Fuzzy’s is Neon Beach, a spot that is adorned with relaxing decor inspired by Florida/Miami beaches and known for their barbeque-inspired menu. 

They are also pretty known for their boozy punch and frozen drink selections. This restaurant is also located on Orange ave. Head over to for more information!


This is another entertainment  themed spot that takes place at The Plaza on Bumby ave. This is a series of outdoor concerts complete with weekly musical talent, food trucks, the Plaza bar, and a laidback atmosphere. In addition to known arists, they also feature local talent as well! This is a series that they hosted in the past and decided to bring back now in 2021! Head over to to check out the line-up and buy your tickets!

As you can see, there are so many new entertainment spaces, restaurants, and lounges that have opened in downtown Orlando in the last few months. Whether you want to make a trip, or you call Orlando home, check out these spots and experience Orlando for yourself!