Christmas is right around the corner! Whether you’re receiving gifts from loved ones, or want to get yourself a nice treat, what better gift is there than one that is going to help you make more money?! Below we have made a list of things that you should look for this holiday season and why they will be an amazing addition to your real estate business!


Technology is one of the biggest and best things you can and should invest in during the holidays. From cameras to drones to a phone upgrade, technology can be the difference between making a listing look like an 100k home or a 300k home, no matter what the actual price is. Here are a few things we recommend to look for.

-An ipad or tablet: In real estate, you’re always on the go. Between showing homes, accessing the MLS while on the go, listing appointments etc, you need something light, portable, and efficient to throw in your work bag. During Christmas time, these things are always running for a great deal, and are often sold in bundles. Our suggestion is to go for the bundle to get more bang for your buck!

-A phone tripod and/or gimbal: So you’re at a listing and you dont have time to set up a whole camera and make a fancy video and edit later. You want to quickly show the world your listing, so the best way is to go live, make a story, or to record a regular video on your phone. A tripod for your phone will make things stabilized and make it easy to navigate the home smoothly, especially if you want to set it down and talk about the home. With a gimbal, you can show each room and pan over it slowly to give it a professional look. People love professionalism and shake will distract them and increase chances of them not watching all the way through. The better prepared you look, the more engaged they will be, and the more likely they will be to reach out for more information.

-Laptop stand: Work from home? A laptop stand will help you with functionality and efficiency while working in your home office. Get a portable one that you can also take anywhere so that you can work in other places with ease. It will also make zoom calls and virtual showings more engaging because you can talk to them on more eye level rather than looking down, and they aldo have a cooling agent to keep your laptop cooler longer, making it run more efficiently.


Personalizing and branding your business will give you a more professional mindset and give you a sense of ownership. Below are some of the things that you can buy during Christmastime to achieve just that.

-Holiday cards with business personalization: Have a logo? Slogan? Order some holiday cards with your branding to send out to clients to stay in touch with the past ones, and to get new ones! This will not only make you come off as more personable, but it will make your past clients feel like you haven’t forgotten about them and will continue to nurture your personal relationships with them!

-Cups/Shirts/Robes etc with your branding for yourself and others: Give a gift to yourself and get items with your personal branding on it to remind yourself that you’re the boss! Use all of this branding when interacting with clients. It will make you come off as more professional and official in their eyes as well!


-Calendar: Get a calendar for the upcoming 2021 year and fill them with your goals and plans for next year. This will help you stay organized, motivated, and get you started on the right foot come January! Maybe buy some arts and crafts too and make a vision board to further reinforce those New Year goals!

-Motivational: There are tons of motivational real estate and business books out there. Buy a bunch and make it a goal of when you should finish each one. The first step in being successful is educating yourself and surrounding yourself with successful people, so ensure that you have the right tools to do just that!

-How-to: There are many things that you need to know as a real estate agent. Buy books that teach you the ins and outs of things, or even get some home improvement books for yourself and a few of your clients! Education is wealth, so don’t be afraid to see what is out there to learn and how you can apply it to your current and future success.

Now that you have an idea of some amazing gifts to give to yourself and others, research the best deals! There are so many stores offering amazing deals and now is the time to take advantage of them!