In central Florida, you may think the only thing to do is go to theme parks- but Florida really has so much more to offer when it comes to fun in the sun. Summer months can be brutally warm, while we may not want to walk miles surrounded by people and waiting in hours worth of lines, here is some local loved plans!

Florida Springs:

My personal favorite thing to do when it’s hot, or simply a nice day I want to spend in the sun but with a twist. Florida is home to 33 springs (documented!). Natural springs rest at roughly 72 degrees all year round, making it a great location to go to cool down from the heat wave we call summer in Florida. Many springs not only host a crystal clear, refreshing swim spot but also home to nature trails and picnic spots! Choosing a spring may be closer than you think as well, as they range through-out the whole state and are definitely worth the drive! 

Nature’s surprises:

Not only do we have great springs, you can find little pieces of heaven throughout the lush climate of Florida. About an hour and a half outside of Orlando there is a trail that is randomly found on the side of the road, not in a national park, no signs around, but a small hike on a dirt trail into the woods leads to a large tree with a vast opening underneath! You’re able to crawl within the side entrance into this cave*, and above you see all the trees above you without being in a closed in cave! There is also springs found within trails, the magic is really something you’re willing to adventure for!


A tool I have used many times, and people may not use enough is the events section on Facebook! This tool locates events around you, or set locations you enter within it, and you can take part of local festivals, food events, music, craft and so on! Being able to fill your free days with unexpected and local events is a sure fire way to enjoy summer with your friends and family. You can find something for everyone on here, and is great to use when traveling to new locations as well! 

Florida has a lot of free things to enjoy if you’re looking to save hundreds by ditching the theme parks- it’s also a magical feeling to discover new things or be a part of something so visually beautiful, or learning new things, trying new foods, and experiencing local events. Being able to enjoy it with those you love to surround yourself with is truly priceless! 

* Dames Caves, Lecanto,FL.