Maintaining your own property and finding tenants can be tiresome and hard to manage. By hiring Premium Rental Management you are adding value to your property through having professionals oversee your property.

Here are the benefits of hiring Premium Rental Management:

1. Rental marketing

Your rental will be listed on our Premium Rental Management website, Zillow, and the MLS. Your property will be displayed all over the internet and posted on our Facebook and Instagram page.

2. Finding the right tenant

Each of our property managers focus on making sure the right person is occupying your rental. Through an in-depth screening process our property managers verify that the tenant will meet all the requirements when it comes to renting out your property.

3. Eliminate rental headaches

Our team is very responsive and will be available to handle any concerns you may have about your property. We understand that this is your property and it is tough to trust someone else to care for it, but with plenty of partnerships with service providers, we have the right people to maintain your property and have the right managers to make sure everything gets done.

4. Rent is always paid

Through our screening process we ensure that if someone cannot afford to rent your property then they will not be allowed in. Our property managers will always make sure that the tenant is paying rent on time.

5. We are the tenant’s best friend

You have a life that you need to live and cannot always speak to the tenant and handle their concerns. That is where we come in, the tenant will always be in contact with our property managers and you can go out and live your life without having to worry about the tenant.

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