Ditch the Hotel!

Summertime is a great opportunity to make memories, and sometimes those memories can be finding a home away from home! Thankfully in 2019 were able to find a rental home for a weekend fairly easily, and with assurance of it being a good location and not a scam. 

Air bnb has climbed the chart for places to stay over Vbro and common hotels. This app is allowing people to host their homes, rental properties, or mother in law suites to travelers and pocketing heavy cash because of it! This amazing opportunity we have in 2019 allows us to travel with peace of mind as well as enjoy privacy to the fullest extent! Thankfully almost anywhere you go has places to offer, and those who host have total control of pricing as well as blackout dates if needed. The reach of Airbnb is huge. When the company was founded in 2008, the mission is to create a beautiful world where people can belong through healthy travel that’s rewarding, local, authentic, inclusive, sustainable, and diverse. The current fact is that Airbnb has 5+ million listings across the world. The company was barely breaking even in 2009; 1 year after it’s launch in 2008. See how far it’s gone with 31 offices globally.

Florida is home to many nature driven adventures, so while thinking of vacationing or a staycation.. why not choose a boat house, a treehouse, or simply a place of the grid! Air bnb has tons of places listed, with just a few examples to follow… 

Travel can be a hassle but with air bnb it’s made easy. Renting out your home, guest space, RV, and more can really also enhance passive income just by having an open space! Check out all the great places to stay when traveling by searching on the app or website for airbnb.com