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There is nothing better than this time of year. It seems that everyone is in the holiday spirit, some more than others. Going to neighborhood christmas parties and best friend get togethers are just more fun around the holidays. Whether it be making your home have the most Christmas lights on the block or decorating you interior with christmas trees and garland, there is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit. Here are some decorating tips and tricks that will have all of your friends and family ooing and awwing over your house this year.


Many families are scared of artificial trees and they definitely judge others who opt for those as opposed to a real tree. But in reality, real trees are expensive and require upkeep. Sweeping the needles off of the floor, sappy fingers after decorating and not to mention that do not stay alive for long are all valid reasons to switch to that notorious artificial tree this year. If you are going out of town, it might not be worth it to purchase a real tree since it will most likely be droopy and dead when you get home. HOWEVER, if you are adament about getting a real tree do it! The prime life of a real Christmas tree would be getting one the weekend after Thanksgiving and taking it down after New Years Day. Do not be that family that “does not get around to” taking their real tree out to the curb or breaking down their artificial tree.

Testing your Christmas lights can save so much time!


A lot of us are guilty of putting lights up on the house, which can take hours, only to find out that when you finally plug them in there are strands that are out. Then, we are usually too lazy and frustrated to fix it and our house is judged by everyone that drives by. This can be avoided by simply plugging in every strand before you connect them and ensuring that they still work and that there are no bulbs out. This little job may seem tedious but will help you avoid a headache in the long run. This goes for strands of Christmas lights for your tree too!

    3. SMELLS

There is a “Christmas smell” I know it. It could be the combination of Christmas tree smell, holiday treats and crisp air but whatever it is, embrace it as long as you can. Decorating with candles will ensure that your home smells like Christmas for the whole holiday season. This time of year is especially fun to bake treats and goodies. Always keep fresh baked goods out in the kitchen to nibble on. Not only will it smell amazing in your home, but your friends and family will thank you.

    4. THEMES

Instead of putting up every Christmas decoration in your home with no rhyme or reason, it helps to have a theme. It can be an overall theme or a room to room theme, it just helps you not make your home look like Santa threw up in it. Decorating the different rooms throughout the house with different color schemes give your home a bold look! Giving your tree a theme allows your tree to be the center piece for the room. An overall theme can be helpful for those that tend to go overboard like myself. I make sure there are nutcrackers in every nook and cranny and while that theme is general, it brings the whole house together.


Lots of people forget that decorating your home with wrapped presents is a great asset to any room. We spend so much time and money wrapping the gifts when that part gets ripped open by excited children in seconds and then thrown away. You can use gifts that are wrapped as decorations or simply wrap empty boxes and use them again for the years to come!  

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