Open houses are the perfect opportunity to advertise your listing as well as connect and meet people in the community. Whether they are motivated buyers or people just taking a casual stroll through the house, it is a great way to introduce yourself and get your name out there. 

Making sure your property is professional, priced correctly, and located in a high traffic area are important for a good open house. But your attention to the details in the preparation and execution will definitely increase the chance of a good offer. Here are a few ways guarantee that your open house will be a success!  

Advertise Advertise Advertise 

  • Post internet listing anywhere and everywhere. Online advertising is key, write descriptive ads and share them in places like web classifieds, or open house directories. Don’t forget to post and share them on your social media outlets as well. 
  • On the day of the open house, be sure to set up your signs around the neighborhood, placing them every few bocks on the way to your property from major streets. A good tip is to find the busiest intersection closest to the location, and place a sign there as well. 

Pro Tip: Attaching a string of balloons, or signs with large arrows pointing in the right direction, are great ways to draw attention to your signs. 

Prepping the House 

In addition to the usual cleaning and decluttering, there are other special preparations that can be done to really make the house pop! 

  • Let in all the light! Lighting is a great selling point in a house so be sure to open all the drapes, blinds, and window coverings. Turn on lamps and overhead lights in different rooms to give people a chance to see what the home in different lightings. 
  • Serve refreshments and snacks 
  • Stage the house to look like a home. Remember the goal is to advertise this house in a way for someone else to see themselves living in it, so the homier, the better. When people see the effort you put in for this home, it is possible for future potential sellers to notice and ask you to list their home as well. 

Put out the Paperwork 

The ambiance you set is important but so is showing people you are there for business too.

  • Prepare a property description sheet with things like your contact info, quality photos, maintenance or HOA information, and any special features. These are a great “cheat sheet” for people to take home. 
  • Have brochures or pamphlets that contain financing options so buyers can easily determine their monthly mortgage payments. 
  • Be sure to have a sign in sheet and make sure to have everyone fill it out. This will give you the opportunity to reach out to the people who attended the open house after they have had a few days to think about it. 

Interact with Visitors 

  • Be upbeat and cheery as you greet people, and be knowledgable when it comes to the home. This way as you learn what people are looking for, you can highlight why your property is perfect for them!
  • Learn about the area. People may ask questions like, “What is there to do in the area?” or “What is the school district like?”
  • Get feedback. Ask people what they think of the home, and if they would consider buying it. At the very least, you will get an idea about the impression your property gives, and think about what you can change for next time.


If you don’t receive an offer during, or directly after your open house, it does not mean it wasn’t a success. Buyers may be obtaining their pre-approval letters, or sending you an offer a day or two later. Don’t lose hope! 


When NOT to hold an open house 

Sometimes, open houses just aren’t meant to happen. Some common reasons for this are: 

  • Gated neighborhoods, or neighborhoods where all houses look the same the become confusing to get to
  • Bad weather that discourages people from venturing outside 
  • Homes that don’t show well due to messes or congestion
  • Properties that are too far off the beaten path and are too hard to find