Pro tips for Moving this Summer


When moving into a new home, it can be quite hectic! In the summer months in Florida, it can even be unbearable with the scorching heat and heavy humidity with the air. If you’re moving to a new city in Florida from another state or another city nearby, here are some helpful tips and tricks to ensure moving is a breeze!  


1. Summer Cleaning 



 Moving is a great time to reflect on things in your home, it’s also a great time to really what is just taking up space in your home and sell it! Not only does this accumulate extra cash- but it can make your space open with less clutter. Listing items on apps such as OfferUp can ensure a quick sale to help with moving expenses!



2. Dust Duty


  1. Clean off all objects, drawers, and storage locations in your home. This will ensure while moving less dust is kicked up in the air that can cause allergies – and while moving that is the last thing you’d probably wish to deal with! Also when you move into your new home, your furniture will be dust free and clean!



3. Organize!


When packing objects, try to organize them by room! This factor may seem like a no brainer- but sometimes things can be lost within a move due to throwing leftover items into a box when the date is getting closer. Start in a location that isn’t used all the time such as a pantry, under sinks, laundry room, garage, and then work your way to the necessities. That way when unpacking you can do one room, one section, at a time!




4. Make Notes

 Keep a list of things you may need to buy when moving to a new location. New spaces may need new things! Keep a list while moving to ensure your can make single trips to stores instead of recalling at random moments and causing more commute, gas and hassle to your moving journey. 


5.Find New Favorites! 

  1. Search around your new location. You may never know what’s nearby! Finding cool new places to eat and shop is an exciting things to do when you relocate. Reward yourself for all the hard work that movie has with a cool new ice cream place or dining experience nearby! 

Moving can be a very stressful experience, but also very exciting! Making note of things that pile up while moving helps a ton with organization and being prepared for what is to come within the moving process. You can find helpful tips online to grow your experience into a minimally stressful situation, and condense your junk to make even less journeys to and from the moving truck! Stay organized, stay hydrated, and enjoy your move! 




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