A quarter of the world’s population is stuck inside right now, or at least stuck being home a lot more often than usual. If you’re reading this, chances are you may be one of them.

If you’re reading this, you may also be starting to go a little stir crazy due to how much free time you have now. So we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep yourself entertained while indoors because you’ve probably already gone through your original list.

Get A Headstart On Spring Cleaning – Clean under your couch, the back of your closet, and all those other places you say you’ll get to later.

Create An At-Home Workout Routine – We’re either coming out of the jacked for summer or 20 pounds heavier.

Go. Out. Side. – Following the social distancing rules, hang out in your backyard, sit in the sun, go for a run or a walk, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Seriously, some vitamin C is going to do a lot more good than you think.

Set Up A Personal Movie Theatre – There are so many cute ideas for how to create a luxury movie theatre right there in your living room.

Cook A 5-Course Meal – Bonus points if you give it a theme. (Ideas: Paris themed, food based on your favorite tv show, courses based on your favorite meals as a kid)

Make A Future To-Do List – (the best you can) Get a game plan together for when this is over so you can jump right back into life.

Start Vlogging Your Quarantine – Vlogging seems to be another word for family videos. I promise one day, you’ll be glad you did.

Set Up A Family Meeting On Zoom – If you aren’t quarantined with your family, or can’t see your other relatives, use Zoom to catch up and check in on your loved ones.

Clean Out Your Phone – Delete old photos, apps you don’t use text messages from forever ago. You’ll feel more organized, and your storage will thank you for it.

Clean Up Your Social Media – Delete those cringy old statuses and tweets and create an aesthetic for your social media and make all platforms match.

Create A Budget – Right now, shopping online can be tempting. When this is over, you don’t want to find yourself with a bunch of junk that you thought you needed while you were stuck inside. Use free apps like Mint and EveryDollar to help!

Join An Online Book Club – We ALL need to start reading a little bit more. You can even find book clubs online that are specifically for your favorite genre!

Follow A Youtube Tutorial – One of the most amazing things about the world today is you can learn anything on the internet. Ever want to learn a new skill? Youtube. Need direction on a project? Guaranteed you can find a youtube video on almost anything.

Start A Themed Instagram – Especially one for your pets, everyone could use some more pet pictures in their life right now.

Learn A New Language – Apps like Duolingo and Memrise are free to use and have lots of different options! To help, watch your favorite tv show in the language you want to learn. It sounds crazy, but you might surprise yourself with how much you really pick up on.

Create A Spotify Playlist – create ones for a dance party, for a spa night, ones with your favorite sing-along songs, and even new songs that you want to share with your friends.

Plan A Facetime Date – Either with your significant other or friends, or even a group date, so you all can catch up with one another.

Take A Free Online Course – There are thousands of free online courses online in any subject that you could want. Continue your education or drive into something new!

Find A Penpal – Either with an old friend or find a new friend through the penpal sites online! Use it as a chance to express your creativity to the fullest!

Do A Photoshoot For Your Pets – Add it to your new themed Instagram. Also, send it to all your friends because they definitely need to see it.

Start A Blog – Public or not, everyone’s got something to say. Use one of your talents to turn into a blog for others to read! Whether its recipes, makeup, home decor, or just advice!

Create A Daily Routine – Being home so much can make it easier to let yourself become a little lazy. Create a daily routine of things you want to complete on the regular and try your best to achieve it each day.

Bake and Decorate A Wedding Cake – Even if it’s only for pretend, you never know you might have a surprise talent for it.

Go To The Aquarium FROM HOME – Check out the Georgia Aquariums awesome live webcam of their Beluga Whales here!

Have a Backyard Picnic – Either with those stuck inside with you or just enjoy some sunshine with a good book! Weather permitting..you can always do this inside too!

Take Some Time To Just Breathe – If you do anything on this list, let it be this one. It’s easy to become overwhelmed quickly with things that are entirely out of your control (Like being quarantined). While it’s okay to feel frustrated, confused, and even upset, just remember to ground yourself. Be sure to follow all the social distancing rules, wash your hands often, and give yourself a few minutes of deep breaths and focus on the things you can control.