Currently, millennials are the largest homebuyer group.

These tech-savvy go-getters are all on the search for their perfect home. To millennials,  a “perfect home”  has a different agenda and includes much more modernized technology compared to other home buyers. So how does one target this generation of millennials and draw them in to purchase their first home? Here are 3 ways to ensure that you are grabbing the attention of a millennial.


Millennials are constantly multitasking and surfing the tech-world on their phone. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Twitter millennials are up-to-date on the latest and greatest trends happening now. Having a marketable social media portfolio speaks a millennials language. An app where they can search the myriad of homes on the market and also find the best agents will cater to the millennials needs. Since they are on the go, they want to do everything from the convenience of their phone. Posting relevant information regarding new housing trends or the hottest homes on the market on various social media platforms draws people in.

Keeping up with the times can be tricky, but the key to targeting a millennial homebuyer is to remain active on social media. In addition, since this specific generation is attached to their phones, being available at any time via text or call is much more personable. Millennials are starting to make the transition to personal communication with their agent rather than impersonal emailing. Being on call will allow the home buyer to get their questions answered quicker and more efficiently. 


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Convenience is the number one factor in every decision a home-buyers make. Smart homes are popping up everywhere now as they cater to this convenience factor. Being able to control everything in your home from the convenience of your phone is every millennials dream. Whether it be the temperature of a room or the brightness of the lights in the kitchen, everything can be controlled in your home on an app. In addition, millennials are becoming more and more eco-friendly. They want their home to include energy-efficient technology and materials to help them create a “green” home. Being environmentally friendly can be more costly up front, but will pay off in the long run. By adding technologically advanced gadgets in a home and going green, millennials will be drawn to the home from the get-go. 



In this day and age, millennials are used to everything being customizable, whether that be ordering something to their liking at a restaurant or decorating a house. They are not afraid to put in the work to get exactly what they want in the end. A fixer-upper house is actually what some millennials look for, specifically the DIY lovers. Being able to find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood that requires some work is very attractive to this generation. This allows them the freedom to customize their home from top to bottom ensuring it really feels like their home. Many people when selling, try to fix up their home themselves before they put it on the market, however selling it as-is sparks interest for those DIY millennials. On the other hand, if homeowners were to fix up their home prior to selling, millennials will be expecting up-to-date technology and modern finishes. Fixer-uppers do in fact appeal to those millennials whose pockets are not too deep yet are looking for a renovation project in order to make their new home feel like a forever home.  


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