Decorating your new home might be the most fun part of the home buying process. Every home you tour you try and imagine yourself in that home, but more specifically you imagine what you will do with the space. However, decorating can be intimidating. Where do you begin? Is your style modern or contemporary? The questions can be daunting, however it is okay if you do not know the answers yet. Here are the best decorating tips to help make the process a bit easier, yet still reflect your personality.

Choose your color scheme, but pick the paint color last

When homebuyers first purchase a home, one of the first things they want to do is paint all of the walls. I would encourage you to paint your walls last. Once you have your color scheme in order for each room, you will begin to purchase a myriad of items and try to imagine them in your space. Everything looks different once it is in place, so waiting until the space is filled will help you decide on the perfect paint color.


It is okay to not have a style

Too many people stress over themes, I believe themes are boring. If you cannot pinpoint your exact style try putting a twist on one, for example, country modern. This will make your space more original and reflect your own personal style as opposed to following the rules.


Straight lines are aesthetically pleasing

When in doubt, straight lines make everything look clean and organized. Sometimes spaces can be a bit overwhelming if there is too much going on. Having consistent straight lines make your space easy on the eyes.


Give the illusion of taller ceilings with low furniture

Having low ceilings make every space feel smaller and closed off. However, having a sofa that is a bit lower, a coffee table that is not as tall, and side tables that compliment the couch height, I can guarantee your ceilings will not seem as low. Lower furniture will also help you open up your space.


Always have a focal point

Whether it be the fireplace, a couch or even a piece of artwork, always having a focal point makes your space have a purpose.


Have your splurge item on display

There is always that one item in a room that you may have paid a bit more for. Show this piece off! It can be anything from a couch to an item on your coffee table, but never let this item get overshadowed by other pieces in your space.

Do not be afraid to mix and match

Some people are afraid of patterns, especially different patterns in the same room. However, sticking to the same color scheme within the patterns works and helps make your room look exciting. Try putting silver and gold pieces next to each other, as mixing metals gives your space a unique touch.


Do not be afraid of mirrors

Mirrors have so many roles from making your space look brighter to helping a room look larger than reality. When in doubt, hang a mirror on the empty space on the wall or place a full-length mirror in a bare corner.


Always center your furniture on a rug

This one may seem intuitive, but it is important. Make sure that your rug is large enough to comfortably fit all of the pieces on top of it.


..and always BE BOLD. If you need more guidance than just these tips, check out the websites below for decorating tips and ideas.

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Need some official home services? We encourage you to look at that offers local services rated the best in all of Florida!


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